We’re reading many researches results about pet industy on everyday

Yes, pet industry grows fastly🤔

How we will analys our pet store products for to get good results from this growing process? 🦦🧨

One of them💯

The pet supplement industry is set to hit💲1 billion by 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣7️⃣, according to an analysis by Grand View Research.

The pet industry had already a categorization :
🚀 Food
🚀Pet grooming

But we started to see significant amounts of innovation in pet product R&D.

Entrepreneurs aren’t simply launching variations of existing products.
They’re creating entirely new pet care product categories.

For examples; pet wets,freeze dried foods,traning toys,thoothbrushs,dog robe towel etc.

I think that “pet parents” are increasingly concerned about the health of their pets.🐶🐾

And that they’re willing to spend money to maximize the health of their furry friends.💲💲💲



Dog drying mitt


Problem-solving for paw prints 🐾

We keep on working for to develop new problem-solving products for pets. One of them is dog drying mitts

Busy days are so hard dealing with wet and muddy paws.

We love our puppies but sometimes the prints don’t look lovely.

They have multi uses options. Made of two layers of microfiber towelling, they absorb wet and wipe away mud easily. Don’t keep bad smells when it was wet.

Luxuriously soft ❤️

Share with us your ideas about dog drying mitt



Do you use which fabric towels on your store or gromming center❓

What do you know about microfiber dog towels?

🎁Right Towels, Happy Clients❗

Share with us your fabric of towels and we ll evaluate together.

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The first step to implementing a strong pet product brand is to define the brand attributes of your business. ✔️

Brand attributes are the characteristics that your audience sees as a fundamental part of your brand.✔️

Let’s say your brand was a person, and that person walks into a bar. They make an impression with their outfit, speak to some new people, tell a few stories, and leave.

How would people describe that person after they left?

More importantly 🔥 how do you want people to describe your brand when you’re not in the room?

Your answers to those questions will point you in the direction of your company’s brand attributes.



Problem-solving pet products

Problem-solving pet products

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